In January 2023 Holonix decided to take part in the new open call of the European Kyklos project, CE4CON, which will end in August 2023. Eight months to work once again on the topic of sustainability, bringing your own contribution and skills.

This time, in fact, Holonix proposes itself with its own “ReUse” solution, a platform that allows the collection and sharing of information useful for managing the reuse, recycling and reworking of objects, parts and materials, as well as the description and proposal of processes and services for rework.

The arrival point of CE4CON will be a digital platform that helps and guides manufacturers of facades and building envelopes in replacing raw materials with new ones, offering access to technical information on the origin, characteristics and availability of the recycled material. Furthermore, it will also provide services to connect waste suppliers, producers, builders, manufacturers, designers and all interested parties, with waste recyclers and reverse logistics providers.

Find out more about CE4CON and the Kyklos project, go to the page!