Research and Development at Holonix

Innovation is a key factor in remaining competitive in the market, which is why since its inception, Holonix has had an in-house team dedicated to International Research Projects. The goal is to explore new technologies, enhance our skills, and discover new markets and partners.

Ongoing Projects

From Research to SMEs

The skills and experience acquired within Research Projects enable Holonix to conceive, develop, and test innovative IT solutions, which will subsequently be introduced to the market and made available for businesses aiming to evolve and innovate their production processes.


Collaborating is the key to success

Research Partners and Associations


Associazione Italiana Internet of Things

IoTItaly is a non-profit association whose aim is to represent the interests of companies operating in Italy within the Internet of Things field. The goal of IoTItaly is to create a community of co-operating companies and technological leaders and to develop actual relations during interaction events to contribute to the diffusion of the Internet of Things in Italy.

The association, with its continuous dialog with institutional referents at a national and international level, has the following objectives:

  • to realize the best conditions for a development of IoT-related activities in any field, representing the common interests of its members within the appropriate venues;
  • to facilitate the actors in Italy by giving them relevant information, in order to better compete both in the domestic and international markets;
  • to enable companies to work together as a system for the success of IoT-related initiatives.


European Factories of the Future Research Association

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is an industry-driven association with the purpose to promote the development of new and innovative manufacturing technologies.

EFFRA’s main goal is to promote pre-competitive research on manufacturing technologies within the EU, by engaging in a public-private partnership with the European Union called ‘Factories of the Future’.

“Factories of the Future” brings together public and private resources by launching marketing-oriented, transnational projects through a program based on progressive research and innovation. These projects create demonstrators and models that will be applied to a wide range of manufacturing sectors.


The International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability

INTEROP-VLab is a research network aggregating current and future research laboratories close to industry, with the purpose to achieve goals that each participant alone would not be able to achieve. It consists of a network of 9 regional areas, creating synergy among academies, research centers, industrial stakeholders, SMEs from 9 different European areas and China.

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