Industrial manufacturing strategies for distributed control and resilient, rapidly responsive and reconfigurable supply chains

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The general objective of DeremCoaims at unlocking the potential of EoL composites as largely available and sustainable sources for new demand-driven and profitable manufacturing applications. ​

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Product data traceability from cradle to cradle by blockchains interoperability interoperability and sustainability service marketplace

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Development of a voice “Digital Intelligent Assistant” for the manufacturing industry.

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Implementation strategy for the European manufacturing industry and zero-defect manufacturing.

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Customizable digital platform that introduces artificial intelligence into SME production processes.

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Better Factory

Fully connected SMEs with cyber-physical systems.

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Digital platform for circular economy aimed at creating a sustainable cross-sectoral network.

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Operating protocols and management strategies to increase the life of industrial machinery and related equipment.

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Research Partners and Associations

A community of companies and technological leaders


Associazione Italiana Internet of Things

IoTItaly is a non-profit association whose aim is to represent the interests of companies operating in Italy within the Internet of Things field. The goal of IoTItaly is to create a community of co-operating companies and technological leaders and to develop actual relations during interaction events to contribute to the diffusion of the Internet of Things in Italy.

The association, with its continuous dialog with institutional referents at a national and international level, has the following objectives:

  • to realize the best conditions for a development of IoT-related activities in any field, representing the common interests of its members within the appropriate venues;
  • to facilitate the actors in Italy by giving them relevant information, in order to better compete both in the domestic and international markets;
  • to enable companies to work together as a system for the success of IoT-related initiatives.


European Factories of the Future Research Association

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is an industry-driven association with the purpose to promote the development of new and innovative manufacturing technologies.

EFFRA’s main goal is to promote pre-competitive research on manufacturing technologies within the EU, by engaging in a public-private partnership with the European Union called ‘Factories of the Future’.

“Factories of the Future” brings together public and private resources by launching marketing-oriented, transnational projects through a program based on progressive research and innovation. These projects create demonstrators and models that will be applied to a wide range of manufacturing sectors.


The International Virtual Laboratory for Enterprise Interoperability

INTEROP-VLab is a research network aggregating current and future research laboratories close to industry, with the purpose to achieve goals that each participant alone would not be able to achieve. It consists of a network of 9 regional areas, creating synergy among academies, research centers, industrial stakeholders, SMEs from 9 different European areas and China.

Innovation in the DNA

Holonix is a Spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano

Research and Development at Holonix

Innovation in the DNA

L’innovazione è un fattore chiave per essere sempre competitivi sul mercato, ed è proprio per questo motivo che Holonix, sin dalla sua nascita, possiede al suo interno un team dedicato ai Progetti di Ricerca Internazionali, con l’obiettivo di investigare nuove tecnologie, accrescere le proprie competenze, conoscere nuovi mercati e partner.

Holonix uniqueness

Dalla ricerca alle PMI

Le competenze e l’esperienza acquisite all’interno dei Progetti di Ricerca consentono ad Holonix di ideare, sviluppare e testare, soluzioni IT innovative, che verranno successivamente presentate al mercato e rese fruibili per le imprese che vogliono evolvere ed innovare i propri processi produttivi.


Past Projects


Adaptive and modular IoT gateway.


Bridging the gap between farmers and consumers and facilitating communication and cooperation between stakeholders and end users.


Commercial experiments in cyber-physical production systems.


Building an innovative OPEN IoT ecosystem for connected smart objects.


Life-cycle feedback mechanisms for customer-driven optimization of innovative product and service design.


Demonstrating the possible reuse of composite materials in order to create new finished products based on the concept of circular economy and to make the most out of products that have reached the end of their lifecycle.


Adopting future Internet technologies in manufacturing industries.


Intelligent system configuration services for flexible, dynamic, global manufacturing networks.


Advanced simulation, modeling and data analysis for the industry.


Human manufacturing, improving workers satisfaction and safety.

I4MS Growth

Supporting and stimulating the dynamic and organic growth of European ICTs for the innovation ecosystem of manufacturing SMEs.


Lean Innovative Connected Vessels.

Linked Design

Development of an integrated system to help companies in the design stage of a new product.


Changing the traditional supply-chain model by establishing a dynamic network value that links buyers' needs to suppliers' productive capacity.


Social, smart and flexible manufacturing with high added-value services.


Monitoring indoor environments where people live and spend time, promoting behavioral change aimed at increasing energy efficiency and air quality.


Create a centralized, open ecosystem based on consumer morphology.


Collaborative network of academic, research and business entities for Industry, Manufacturing, Business and Logistics sectors in Europe


Increasing knowledge and determining the future use and impact of simulation and forecasting technologies in manufacturing.


Keeping track of temperature and humidity parameters during product transportation and storage.


The project focused on the final stage of the product lifecycle.


European roadmap for cyber-physical systems in manufacturing.


Providing designers with detailed and reliable trend estimates and user acceptance forecasts.


Developing scalable strategies at the component, machine, and system level to minimize the defects of the assets and improve their lifecycles.


Developing zero-defect manufacturing strategies towards on-line production management for European factories.