For some time, new methods have been sought to streamline the processes established along supply chains and above all to make them resilient, autonomous and robust.

Business continuity is essential in today’s market and companies must be able to respond quickly to hostilities, adapting and resisting adverse events.

Photo by Dennis Kummer by Unsplash

Building a resilient chain

The Modul4r project (G.A. 101091859) aims to study and find a solution that allows the continuous activity of supply chains, which must necessarily be able to respond efficiently to unexpected events, minimizing their negative impact.

The adoption of advanced technologies such as IoT and AI allows us to improve the visibility of the entire chain and therefore increase its monitoring and anticipate any interruptions.

During the project, a digital platform will be created in which data interoperability will become the key to reconfiguring the entire supply process, making it more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

“Leading this revolution is CPSisation, a concept that goes beyond simple automation to embrace a broader vision of interconnected and interactive systems. Thanks to this approach, the factories of the future become smart factories, capable of communicating and interacting in real time with the surrounding environment. And Holonix is ​​at the center of this transformation, facilitating the connection and management of data between machines, clouds and human operators.”

Use Cases

The consortium, made up of 19 partners, will bring to attention three different use cases, so as to understand how to structure the solution adaptable to different sectors.

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