In May, Paolo Perillo, Products Director of Holonix answered some questions, giving his contribution to the Data Manager magazine special, “HR e trasformazione digitale, siamo tutti coinvolti“.

Here are some of his answers:

“Before investing in technologies, it is necessary to invest in knowing the tools, benefits and critical issues”. For this purpose, Holonix offers experiential workshops, the IoT Experience, with the aim of providing a concrete picture of digital tools in the sector and its impact on the corporate value chain, including the human factor and work organization”.

“In production we talk about how technology can make machines intelligent, less than how man-machine interaction can combine productivity and worker well-being. Little is known about how technologies such as IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning can help “.

“Two examples. HUMAN, intelligent worker monitoring solution with wearable devices and cloud processing of physiological data, which identifies stress, reduces fatigue and provides assistance, increasing productivity and engagement. COMPLEMANT®, human-robot collaborative environments, in which humans and cobots work in safety and synergy, increasing the efficiency of the production system, product quality and psychophysical well-being of the workers”.

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