Start: January 2016
End: December 2018
G.A. 688203

Project goals

The project aimed to facilitate the implementation of applications and services within the context of smart cities, smart houses and smart manufacturing, based on Internet of Things technologies. The project will develop a set of services to acquire and make information from connected objects available through publicly accessible system interfaces.

Specifically, the key objectives of the project included:

  • Providing the standardized open APIs needed for the interoperability across current vertical IoT silos
  • Enabling new forms of service co-creation, ranging from simple data collection and data processing to intelligent, situation-aware, self-adaptive support of everyday work and life
  • Establishing a robust IoT framework for security, privacy and trust that facilitates responsible data access and data ownership
  • Developing large-scale pilot projects in smart cities to provide evidence for the concept of bIoTope-enabled SoS ecosystems
  • Maintaining, growing, and supporting the socio-technical and business models of bIoTope ecosystems, by establishing a governance roadmap for the ecosystem evolution

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