collaBoRatIve soLutions for fLexIble Artisanal maNufacTuring

Inizio: November 2021
Fine: August 2022


This demonstrator is part of a sub-project that has indirectly received funding from the European Unions H2020 research and innovation programme via an Open Call issued and executed under project TRINITY (grant agreement No 825196).


  • Ideal-Tek SA
  • SUPSI | Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana
  • Holonix Srl

Project goals

BRILLIANT pursues two main objectives towards autonomous uptake of collaborative solutions by SMEs:

  1. Developing smart, orchestrated and reconfigurable collaborative workcells to reduce adoption barriers of collaborative solutions for SMEs. For this reason, it introduces solutions for seamless connection of company equipment and digitisation of signals and parameters coming from legacy systems into a cloud platform based on ILVM. At the same time, it provides a stepwise procedure, with guidelines and quantifiable KPIs, for evaluating the potential of current industrial applications towards the adoption of collaborative approaches.
  2. Combine flexibility and dexterity of humans with repeatability of cobots towards artisanal manufacturing 4.0. Such an ambitious goal, key to a company like Ideal-Tek and many other SMEs, is made possible by providing the BRILLIANT solution with an orchestrating entity like the IM that allows to define strategies to propose task assignment to cobot(s) and automated machines (based on speed and repeatability) vs human (based on experience, flexibility and dexterity).

The role of Holonix

Holonix is involved in Brilliant project with his solution ILVM to support the realisation of collaborative systems.

Holonix will:

  • Extend ILVM’s current features by integrating SUPSI’s Intervention Manager and TRINITY’s Object Detection and Safe Human Detection in a Collaborative Work Cell;
  • Extend HOLONIX’ products, services and value proposition with the BRILLIANT solution, supporting the realisation of collaborative work cells targeting different customers in several sectors.
  • Support at least one or more of its existent customers in realising a new collaborative solution out of the project activities.

Holonix will be the technology provider and the exploitation partner.

Solution of Holonix involved:

i-Live Machines

Key competences to be strengthened or acquired

Thanks to its participation in the project, Holonix will acquire competences on the development of voice-controlled intelligent systems.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management

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