Start: January 2015
End: December 2017
G.A. 636868


Project goals

The project provided a set of IT solutions and methodologies to support companies in improving the design and realization of new products and services with added value for the customers. With the system it was possible to gather information regarding market expectations and to verify the employ of the supplied products by collecting data on their functioning. This was made possible thanks to the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and considering the principles of sustainability and social responsibility.

The FALCON project planned to provide a framework to enable the creation of new added-value products and services deriving from user experiences and from the use of related products and services; the project was based on the principles of sustainability and social responsibility. FALCON created impact through the following goals:

  1. Addressing the collection of product-service information through Collaborative Intelligence and Product Embedded Information Devices
  2. Enabling the representation, exploitation, openness, and spreading of product-service knowledge
  3. Strengthening collaborative development processes of new products and services through new feedback and feedforward mechanisms
  4. Supporting innovative service-product design through manufacturing intelligence
  5. Improving approaches to the assessment of lifecycle used by the assistance service

Specifically, FALCON developed a Virtual Open Platform (VOP) to seamlessly connect product-service usage information to design and development processes. The VOP simplified:

  1. Customer feedback gathering through social media
  2. Usage information collection through product-integrated information devices (e.g., sensors, embedded systems)
  3. Comprehensive processing of collected data and customer feedback
  4. Distribution of the information identified in the product-service development stage

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