Start: April 2014
End: September 2015
G.A. 604674

Project goals

The purpose of the FITMAN (Future Internet Technologies for Manufacturing Industries) project was to provide FI PPP with a set of industry-led use cases in the Smart, Digital and Virtual Factories of the Future domains, in order to test and evaluate the suitability, openness and flexibility of FI-WARE generic enablers, thus contributing to the socio-technological-economic-environmental-political sustainability of EU manufacturing industries.

Specifically, the project provided:

  • A generic FITMAN platform for manufacturing industries, as a collection of different implementations by generic enablers belonging to most of the identified technological chapters of the FI-WARE project;
  • A generic and flexible evidence verification and validation framework, including concepts, methods, and tools for a technical and commercial evaluation of evidence;
  • An open Phase-III FITMAN package, supporting the 1.8 objective of PP-FIARE PPP Phase III, expansion of the use cases, providing access to FITMAN Reports and prototypes for Phase-III preparation and implementation;
  • Three specific FITMAN platforms for smart, digital and virtual factories, as a collection of different implementations of specific enablers belonging to the background of FITMAN beneficiaries and specifically derived from previous RTD projects about future factories and about the future of Internet Enterprise Systems;
  • Ten FITMAN test platforms as an instance of the generic and specific enablers selected for ten industry-led multi-sectoral trials.

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