Start: October 2016
End: September 2019
G.A. 727982

Project goals

The project aimed to offer specialized added-value specialized vessels able to run requested services for Marine Aquaculture, Ocean Energy, Coastal Monitoring, Control and Surveillance, and Rescue sectors in the most effective, efficient, economic valuable and eco-friendly way.

To do this, it envisioned three parallel goals:

  • Developing and supplying three radically new concepts of vessels that could serve both service and multipurpose crews, that were modular in structure, that could support emergency management and sea rescuing for coastal rescuing activities
  • Being successful in applying the Lean Product Development methodology to boat design
  • Developing IoT solutions for the professional maritime market.

During the development of the three new vessels (a multi-platform catamaran, module based high-speed patrol boat platform, and a series of emergency response and rescuing vessels for coastal rescuing activities), LINCOLN used:

  • A fact-based, lean-design approach combining real-world sea operational data with lean methodology to support the development and implementation of ship concepts;
  • Customized IT tools to enable field data acquisition and use from an IoT platform
  • High-performance computing simulation to demonstrate the feasibility of the concept of 3 vessels, a fluid-mechanics and structural simulation test was performed, using high-performance computing on each of them

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