Linked Design

Start: September 2011
End: February 2015
G.A. 284613

Project goals

LinkkME provides a holistic and integrated view on data, people, and processes across the product lifecycle as a vital resource for exceptional competitive design of new products and manufacturing processes.To achieve this goal, the project developed the Linked Engineering and mAnufacturing Platform (LEAP) as an integrated information system for manufacturing design.

Specifically, LEAP provided a context-driven access to federated information and knowledge and promoted interdisciplinary collaborations between users through new approaches for collaborative engineering.

Finally, LinkkME provided close feedback connections to existing engineering tools (e.g., CAx systems) in order to push back formalized knowledge, thus enabling automated design of elementary product components.

All concepts and components developed within the LinkkME project will be evaluated using three prototype applications deployed at the industrial sites of the application partners.

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