Start: January 2018
End: December 2020
G.A. 761145

Project goals

The MANU-SQUARE project aims at the creation of a virtual platform, on an EU level, which can be a marketplace able to bring together and connect the available production capacity and the demand for production.

Specifically, reaching the optimal matching between demand and supply will lead to a fast and efficient valuable network for product and service suppliers and will result in an optimization of the available capacity that would otherwise be wasted.

The role of Holonix

Within the project, Holonix works on two aspects:

1. Development and introduction of an Open Innovation tool. Holonix has decided to propose Idea Manager.

IDEA MANAGER: a tool for sharing ideas, comments and feedback from users. It allows for sharing problems which can be solved with the help of the virtual community, comprising users from different fields, countries and companies, with different experiences and backgrounds. The users can also create polls on ideas and challenges they received or experienced. Once the desired feedback is received, the source input becomes a “Concept”. This concept could be integrated with other systems such as, for example, a Blockchain service.

Idea Manager

2. Development and implementation of the ECO-System Data Manager system.

ECO-SYSTEM DATA MANAGER: a component that enables the platform to adopt multiple levels of persistence. Within the EDM, Holonix has implemented the so-called CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete), i.e., the basic behaviors of persistent storage. The EDM is also developed to handle specific services of a given persistence layer. Whenever a service is “called”, developers can decide to store their entities not only in a predefined database, but also in other persistence layers. Tools used by the EDM as a persistence layer are, for example: entity-relationship databases like MySQL, object-oriented databases like MongoDB, data brokers like Kafka or MQTT.

The ecosystem is able to establish a connection and communication among the tools, the blockchain and the semantic structure.

Key competences acquired

Holonix has worked on the Idea Manager tool, confirming its validity and implementing its structural and managerial qualities.

Receiving feedback from partners, we were able to modify it and plan improvements, useful for future projects, which can make Idea Manager a tool that can be used also at different levels from that of research and development, such as marketing.

For the first time, Holonix worked with EDM.

The Holonix team has therefore succeeded in finding a new communication system, ideally commercially applicable with its offers and services.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management