Start: February 2015
End: January 2018
G.A. 636951

Project goals

The project proposed the development of products and services by connecting them through co-operation among multiple business functions, using an integrated and multidisciplinary platform.It was possible to design a product from the first stage of the lifecycle onwards. This implied the integration of multiple assets, from manufacturing to design, developing new innovative services based on information derived from the real use of existing products and from feedback received from users.


  • Goal No.1: Creating an interdisciplinary collaborative management environment for product-service engineering that could increase the efficiency of the design process, with potential for market adoption. Goal
  • No.2: Fully integrating the product and the service life-cycle managements, using methodologies and tools to support cross development.
  • Goal No.3: Involving all the key chain participants, including customers.
  • Goal No.4: Developing a platform for designing products and services of manufacturing intelligence.
  • Goal No. 5: Extending and improving the use of simulation and optimization through the use of field data.
  • Goal No. 6: Improving accurate and quick measures and simulations of costs and sustainability issues through the evaluation of Life Cycle Costing (LCC), Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and carbon footprinting.

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