Start: October 2016
End: June 2020
G.A. 723032

Project goals

The project aims to create an IT platform in which to observe different environmental variables and provide its users with suggestions and feedback, making them aware of their consumption and of the influence of their behavior on health, thus encouraging a virtuous change.


  • Presenting data about energy consumption and air quality through easily understandable and appealing indicators
  • Motivating and promoting a change in the habits and lifestyle of consumers regarding energy consumption by giving them personalized information on their environment
  • Identifying possible new business models for these solutions

The role of Holonix

The Holonix team has been working on:

1. Creating the dashboard in which to visualize the collected data: the monitored buildings are equipped with technological tools that send the detected data to the platform; with a predefined graphic interface, the user will be able to view the variables through numbers, icons and graphs. The dashboard also gives the user suggestions on how to behave in cases where the detected variables show a non-optimal value for the health and welfare of people, and of the environment.

2. Creating and managing the Mobistyle Open Users Platform: a dashboard for developers allowing for the disclosure of APIs to access data collected through Mobistyle, properly aggregated and anonymized, to external users and in Open mode.

Key competences acquired

Through participation in the project and close collaboration with a team of experts, including anthropologists and energy efficiency experts, health specialists and air quality experts, the Holonix team has expanded its knowledge and network.

From a methodological point of view, the team was able to test and evaluate the manifold needs emerged after the creation of such an app within the non-residential environment, assessing: the type of information of interest, user preferences, the number of notifications to be sent to the user, how to send such notifications, the best time to send them, etc.

In order to be able to provide adequate and correct suggestions to users, we are aware of how important it is to expand the team by working side by side with experts in the field. This synergy will make it possible to expand our range of action, starting from consolidated networks.

Thanks to the availability of collected data, it will be possible for the companies to set up new business models aimed at environmental sustainability.

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