Start: January 2017
End: December 2018
G.A. 732399

Project goals

The project aimed at creating a centralized, open ecosystem based on consumer morphology. Creative businesses can have access to knowledge of consumer expectations and needs in order to improve their creativity and design processes.The project offered a different and new approach, leveraging the currently available KET system (smart mobile, 4G, broadband), with the "open-ecosystem" approach and social interactions which were not possible in the past.


  • Developing the MORPHEOS platform to suggest items, based on unique consumer identification and morphotype database;
  • Collecting consumer measurements via smartphone, making use of the potential of smartphone cameras;
  • Creating single standardized big data on morphotypes across all geographic groups of consumers and products in the on-line world;
  • Preparing the MORPHEOS ecosystem for interaction with additional third-party solutions and apps from web entrepreneurs in order to exploit the potential of software with new capabilities to be used in new areas;
  • Realizing a “beta” version of the platform and add-ons of the major e-commerce platforms, validating the model through tests with suppliers (SMEs), end users and consumers in the fashion and design industry.

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