Start: October 2016
End: March 2020
G.A. 723810

The Nimble project aimed to develop a federated cloud-based infrastructure/platform for B2B, based also on the Internet of Things and Blockchain technologies.

Specifically, companies (adopters) could register, post products and services in a catalog, search for the most suitable product and supplier/partner, negotiate purchases and shipping (logistics), and enter into smart contracts.

It defined and established secure channels for information exchange both on a B2B level (business information) and on an M2M level (sensory data from machines), optimizing their flows.

The IT infrastructure of Nimble was based on open-source software and on the governance model of federation of multi-sided trade platforms, with core functions and modules integrated with third parties’ components, and with the definition of possible custom sector (e.g., for finishing, textile, white goods) and/or geo-localized instances.

The role of Holonix

Holonix was one of the main IT partners in the project, and its role was to:

1. Develop the main core parts of the data-exchange infrastructure: brokers, advanced multi-parameter filtering and runtime systems, data retrieval and displaying on mobile applications.

2. Develop a mobile application for the tracking and displaying of the product lifecycle, with particular reference to the management of its useful life (support to maintenance operators) and its end of life (choosing to re-manufacture, recycle and/or dispose the products).

3. Develop optional added-value platform services enabling advanced IoT and PLM data management.

Key competences acquired

Holonix gained experience in the broker field at events: Kafka environment and Confluent platform tools enabling data streaming.

Holonix worked on the exchange and streaming of large amounts of data and has undertaken a management experience.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management

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