Start: February 2015
End: February 2017
G.A. 636906

Project goals

The project aimed at promoting the European leadership in the field of cybernetic systems for future factories, by identifying and prioritizing the most relevant research and innovation challenges in engineering and manufacturing, as well as building consensus through the involvement of all stakeholders along the entire value chain.


  • Carrying out an in-depth analysis of the current framework and state of the art of CPS technologies, industry applications, suppliers and users, as well as the most important RS&I initiatives on a global scale
  • Increasing understanding of how CPS technologies can improve engineering and manufacturing performance
  • Analyzing current development and needs in order to identify any gaps and areas that need to be further researched into
  • Identifying technological challenges and drivers, considering the needs for the future of engineering and manufacturing
  • Developing, with the support of academic and industry experts, a reference roadmap addressing CPS advancements (in terms of technology and implementation) that could also support the definition of additional research in this area
  • Increasing knowledge and awareness (i.e., building consensus) about the use and impact of CPSs in engineering and manufacturing by promoting a cross-sector dialog involving potential users, experts, and technology providers

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