Start: January 2015
End: May 2016
G.A. 644859

Project goals

The main purpose of the SOMATCH project was improving the competitiveness of European SMEs dedicated to the fashion and textile and clothing (T&C) sectors through the collection, definition and visualization of fashion trends via ad-hoc interfaces.

Specifically, it aimed to provide creative designers with detailed and reliable trend estimates and user acceptance forecasts. Its purpose was defined in the creation of an innovative tool for the extraction and visualization of large unstructured data sets related to the use and preferences of consumers regarding fashion products, supporting T&C companies in the rapid reaction to market dynamics and a better adaptation of design to the actual consumer demand.

The developed system provided creative fashion SMEs with a new original and flexible set of tools to have an idea of market trends and tendencies (locally and internationally, in relation to their specific target and original focus, brand and product) offering them a new possibility to access information to better interpret the fashion market and exploit the great potential of design creation, which has always made the EU fashion industry a leader in the global market.

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