Start: October 2017
End: March 2021
G.A. 768869


Project goals

The Z-Break solution includes the introduction of 8 scalable strategies at the component, machine and system level:

  1. Z-PREDICT: failure prediction
  2. Z-PREVENT:prevention of failure onset, creation and propagation in the production system
  3. Z-DIAGNOSE: the early detection of an ongoing or impending failure
  4. Z-ESTIMATE:the estimation of the remaining useful life of assets
  5. Z-MANAGE: management of the above strategies through event modeling, KPI monitoring and real-time decision-making assistance
  6. Z-REMEDIATE: replacement, reconfiguration, reuse, decommissioning and recycling of components/tasks
  7. Z-SYNCHRONIZE: synchronization of repair actions, production planning and logistics
  8. Z-SAFETY: preserve the safety, health and comfort of the workers

The role of Holonix

Holonix provides the project with i-Live Machines,

a Machinery Management 4.0 product-service for Machinery Manufacturers, now available as a cloud-based solution specialized in the collection and analysis of data coming from the installed machine fleet, aimed at its intelligent management on the basis of the real use that is made of it.

i-Live Machines

Key competences acquired

Through a close collaboration with its partner SACMI, manufacturer of machinery for the plastics industry, Holonix has had the opportunity to field test the new i-Live Machines implementations.

Thanks to the feedback received from the association and to continuous experimentation, the Holonix team is making changes and improvements to the offer,

aimed at making the production process and the production asset more efficient, adding new functionalities in a zero-defect logic and developing a new solution for a complete machine servitization.

IoT Technologies and Applications

Product-Service Business

Technological and Methodological Support

Operation and Innovation Management