Even in the field of research and development, attention is paid to the creation of new supply chain management methods, aimed at making processes more efficient and flexible, to achieve real synergy between the points of the chain.

Photo by Leuchtturm Entertainment by Unsplash

The Modul4r

The Modul4r project (G.A. 101091859) promotes the evolution of the manufacturing sector through the creation of production lines and supply chains that are as modular, autonomous and robust as possible.

The aim is to design a digital platform in which data interoperability becomes the key to reconfiguring the entire supply process, making it more efficient, transparent and sustainable.

Thanks to the collection, organization and historicization of data, it will be possible to monitor and manage processes in a transparent way, opening the doors to a simplified and direct dialogue between producer and customer.

The role of Holonix

We are 19 partners in total and Holonix has the task of “supporting the interconnection of the Smart Factory machines with the Cloud, data collection and related accessibility and their management on the Cloud. It is the intermediary that enables the use and analysis of data, providing solutions for communication and integration, both of data and of devices and applications that analyze the information to carry out diagnostics”.

“The involvement of multiple actors allows us to work on Supply Chains with different intrinsic characteristics, in terms of depth, complexity, geographical extension, level of security from the point of view of privacy and confidentiality of information. In particular, MODUL4R focuses on three areas: aerospace, automotive and electronics” Jacopo Cassina tells journalist Paola Capoferro of Digital360.

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