In the field of Research and Development, this new year begins for us with a new challenge, the European Trick project “Product data traceability information management by blockchains interoperability and open circular service marketplace”

The objective of TRICK is to provide a complete, reliable, SME affordable and standardised platform and to support the adoption of sustainable and circular approaches. Enterprises can collect product secured data on a dedicated marketplace, open to third parties certified solutions, fostering innovative business models.

Specifically, the objectives of the project are:

  1. To provide a holistic monitoring of the challenges, of the related scientific and legal framework and of the solutions for full traceability and transparency implementation
  2. To create a set of affordable standard services to support all the stakeholders, starting from SMEs subcontractors, to collect and share the data to support traceability and transparency of data collection
  3. To implement the data collection framework based on the open and standardised interoperability of different Blockchain solutions
  4. To create a marketplace to enable third parties to commercialise certified solutions to implement traceability and transparency and to exploit the data collected by new business models.
  5. To demonstrate how EU companies can achieve traceability and transparency requirements by TRICK’s solution in textile/clothing pilot and its universality by a replication pilot in food domain


Our commitment to the development and implementation of a new scenario aimed at the circular economy, traceability and sustainability continues, a commitment that continues also by participating in the already active FiberEUse, DigiPrime.