We are excited to introduce the INHABITAT (INtelligent Sustainable HABITATs) MSc study program, a revolutional, EU funded, Environmental Education course, the kick-off meeting of which took place in the Alexander University Campus of the International Hellenic University at Sindos, Thessaloniki, Greece some months ago.

Photo by Andreas Brucker by Unsplash

Course info

During the last meeting, representatives of all Inhabitat project partners, including Holonix, had the opportunity to discuss and communicate issues related to the structure and implementation of the curriculum.

The INHABITAT MSc programme, established in collaboration with the Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Kaunas University of Technology) of Lithuania, is designed to address the urgent environmental challenges of our time by providing students with comprehensive interdisciplinary training.

The program, in fact, offers a diverse curriculum that covers topics such as sustainable development, environmental policy, renewable energy, ecology and more, guaranteeing students a well-rounded education. It lasts 16 months.

Inhabitat project

INHABITAT aims to bridge the gap between the strong market demand for IoT specialists and the lack of supply of the same thanks to an alliance between education and businesses, created with the aim of investigating and providing the necessary skills in the field of sustainability IoT systems urban. It will include cross-sector interactive teaching methods and partnerships with leading educational and industry organisations, for both students and existing professionals. The proposed alliance will foster innovation in European higher education and ensure significantly more experts in IoT for urban sustainability.

Find out more about the program: Press release INHABITAT

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