Start: March 2015
End: February 2016

Project goals

The project stemmed from the need to find a solution to the huge amount of fresh food wasted due to inadequate logistic and warehouse handling practices of temperature- and humidity-sensitive products.Therefore, the main purpose of PerishABLE was to design and develop an integrated system, able to improve the quality of products, focusing on the transport/storage stages.

Specifically, it aimed to develop and put on the market an innovative, efficient and adaptable technology that could support logistics operators in the supply chain to keep track of temperature and humidity parameters during the transportation and storage of the product.

A system that automatically sends notifications to users on their cell phones allows for timely corrective actions on the specific shipment and pallet, reducing the time wasted during track dismantling.

The purpose was to reach manufacturers of perishable food (e.g., dairy products, fruits and vegetables, but also pharmaceutical drugs, chemicals and flowers), distribution suppliers, large logistics operators of supermarkets and wholesalers.

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