Today, together with MacPlas, we talk about how to introduce AI into the factory, taking the plastic processing machinery industry as an example.

Observing a machine in operation allows you to verify the activities it is carrying out, following them step by step; however, this does not allow us to anticipate a possible malfunction which we will notice when it is too late.

Foto di Edryc James by Unsplash

Observe, learn and know your fleet

Observation is not enough and the error cannot be detected in real time but must be anticipated: with the development of new digital technologies, cloud software and artificial intelligence can become the eyes of the manufacturer and, together with human skills, the answer to the desire to remain efficient and competitive.

For example, the Italian industry of machinery, equipment and molds for the transformation of plastic and rubber has an export of 73%, making it among the most relevant in the industrial panorama; the machinery is therefore located very far from its place of origin and collect, historicize and analyze data remotely allow you to keep their behavior under control, having a factual vision of what is happening in the field.


AI in the factory with the KITT4SME project

We are also aiming for this in the research and development sector and an example is the European Horizon 2020 project KITT4SME (G.A. 952119) which designed a modular and customizable digital platform with the aim of introducing AI systems into SMEs and providing them with customized hardware, software and organizational kits.


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