Finding the right strategy to improve your positioning within a dynamic and evolving market can be difficult but, thanks to the introduction of new technologies, it can become much less difficult than expected.

Foto di Greg Rakozy by Unsplash

One of the objectives is to make the fleet efficient. Taking the automatic wrapping and packaging machinery sector as an example, with a high propensity to export, the best way is to collect the necessary information, monitor, analyze and historicize the data coming from the machinery remotely, using the new technologies available such as IoT, BigData and Artificial Intelligence. These, in fact, allow us to trace the life cycle of the machines and understand how they behave moment by moment, even when they are far from the parent company.


KITT4SME – Customizable digital platform that introduces artificial intelligence into the production processes of SMEs

To bring industrial technologies closer to SMEs that have not yet explored this topic in depth, the European Horizon 2020 project KITT4SME (G.A. 952119) has created a platform within which it is possible to find the tools and services that companies may need to implement their digital transformation and introduce Artificial Intelligence into their production processes.

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