When you think about the possibility of interconnecting industrial machinery thanks to the use of new technologies, it is imagined that this happens within a single plant or, in any case, within the productive process of a single producer; therefore, we focus on the advantages that the latter can have, leaving aside those that its customers themselves can exploit.


The Modul4r project

The Modul4r project (G.A. 101091859), involves the development of a digital platform to optimize and redesign supply chains, making them resilient, reactive and reconfigurable: this means designing a tool which, by exploiting the potential of collecting, organizing and historicizing data from the machine fleet, be able to deal with problems that may arise within the entire production process, taking into account the peculiarities of customers and paying attention to the environmental issue and everything that can influence the value-chain.

The exchange of data allows us to understand exactly what happens in real-time within the supply chain, opening the doors to a simplified and direct dialogue between manufacturer and customer: “A supplier would find it very useful to have remote access to the data coming from his machine in use by a customer while the customer would benefit from being able to access the usage history, done also from others over time, of the machine he has in his factory”.

Foto di Maria Teneva by Unsplash

The role of Holonix

Holonix, within the Modul4r project, is dealing with the interconnection of the Smart Factory machines with the cloud, data collection with its relative accessibility and their management on the cloud.

The goal is to demonstrate the possibility of developing a solution in which data interoperability becomes the key to reconfigure the entire supply process, making it more efficient, transparent and sustainable; furthermore, the research will allow us to implement the level of knowledge in this area, so as to be able to build a methodological basis suitable to accompany, in a subsequent step, the placing on the market of the finished product.


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