In research and development, the objective is always to study new solutions to improve the techniques, processes and strategies currently used in the reference sector. The Horizon 2020 program is thinking about the manufacturing sector, specifically, among the numerous active projects, Dat4.Zero (G.A. 958363). The project aims to create an innovative system to prevent production defects and guarantee the quality of the entire value chain, introducing a new paradigm of Quality Management enabled by Digital (DQM) and 4.0 technologies into the factory.

The advantages of the Dat4.Zero platform

Minimizing waste, lowering costs, reducing acceleration times and improving asset productivity are just some of the benefits from which the company will be able to take advantage and improve its competitiveness on the market level.

The developed platform has already been tested by some of the pilots belonging to the automotive sector with excellent results which confirmed the validity of the solution and, above all, its adaptability to different contexts.


Holonix among the technical partners of the project

Holonix took care of the data management layer of the DQM digital platform, developing an IIoT infrastructure for collecting, streaming and historicizing data from the fleet of machines. New back-end features to support advanced big-data management, increased scalability performance, new deployment system that enables rapid installation not only on the cloud but now also locally: these are some of the pluses that distinguish the solution, validated by the project end users and promptly integrated into the i-Live Machines machinery management system that Holonix offers on the market.


An ambitious project, which aims to change for the better not only the production processes within factories but also supplier-customer relationships and interactions within the market.

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